Landlord Services

Starting a tenancy and seeing it through to the end can be a much harder exercise than most people can imagine and employing an agent to do it for you can save you money in more ways than one.

We can make your life a whole lot easier from the very first instance by conducting open for inspections; advertise your property on the internet and in the office until we get a satisfactory tenant that you are happy with.

Conduct necessary tenant checks, prepare leases and collect the first month’s rent and bond as is normal practice.

Complete a comprehensive condition reports with detailed photos.

During the tenancy we keep on top of any concerns either from you as the landlord or from the tenant, acting as the true middleman and reconcile any issues that pop up from time to time such as repairs etc.

At the end of the tenancy it’s all about ensuring the tenant leaves to every one’s satisfaction with no rent owing and the property in a clean condition. More times than not this is finalised without an issue, if however an agreement can’t be met the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT ) is there to make the decision for you. That’s where we come in to vigorously represent your interests.

In a nutshell we take the worry out of letting and managing your home collecting rents and finalising the tenancy on your behalf ready for a new tenancy and start the process again if that is your wish.